Texas Metal Season 6 Episode 8: Release Date, Recap, Time, Where To Watch & Spoilers

Texas Metal Season 6 Episode 8 release date is making fans excited about everything that we might see in the future after Texas Metal Season 6 Episode 7 gave us thrills on 1st March 2023. The show focuses on a Texas team garage as they take on projects from their clients. They build customized cars and motor trucks and even monster trucks from scratch. Usually, the materials they use inside of these, are ordinary.

Yet when the end product comes out, it looks stronger than ever. The team always had their hands full with the challenges that they face with their tight budgets and time schedules. It is claimed by the group that they finish at least 25 to 30 vehicles in a month which is obviously a lot. Although, it is easy for them as they have been in this business for far too long and the auto fans are just here to explore what the team has in store for us.

Back in Texas Metal Season 6 Episode 5 titled F-350 Raptor Build, we saw that Bill likes to have a pretty challenging career and he loves to tackle problems. He also adores creativity and delving into a build that his team has never done before. This time, the funeral follows them working on a one-ton 2022 F-350 into a Baja Style Raptor. Then they build the 1964 Rolls once again because it is almost entirely damaged.

A still from Texas Metal Season 6

Texas Metal Season 6 Episodes Recap – Bill’s Baja Is Back

In Texas Metal Season 6 Episode 6 titled 440 ‘Cuda Overhaul, we saw that Bill is looking at his favorite muscle car, which is a 1972 ‘Cuda. The only problem with this automobile is that its outside does not match the aesthetic of the inside. This is why the team takes on a mission to do a brand new redux for the same. Later in the episode, they break down an entire 1952 GMC wrecker in order to build the same into a show truck.

In the most recent Texas Metal Season 6 Episode 7 titled Bill’s Baja Is Back, we saw that Bill takes his trucks very seriously and anyone would be very wrong to think otherwise. One of his favorites is 2017 F-150 race truck which is Baja Style. The automobile has had it a few times and well, Bill is now ready to stir the engine once again for good. Thus, we see the team taking part in the same and designing a new suspension for the 1952 wrecker truck.

Texas Metal Season 6 Episode 8 Release Date

Texas Metal Season 6 Episode 8 release date is on the 8th of March 2023. The episode will drop out on Motor Trend at 10 PM Eastern Time. New episodes of the series release weekly on the channel on Wednesdays.

How to Watch Texas Metal Season 6 Episode 8

Texas Metal Season 6 Episode 8 will broadcast live on Motor Trend. This is the first time to catch the latest episodes. It will also stream later on the website of the same. International fane fans use a VPN and take account of the time schedule for their local regions.

  • India – 8.30 AM Indian Standard Time (9 March)
  • Australia – 2 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time (9 March)
  • Europe – 3 AM Greenwich Mean Time (9 March)
  • USA – 10 PM Eastern Standard Time (8 March)
  • Canada – 10 PM Canada Time (8 March)

Texas Metal Season 6 Episode 8 Spoilers

In Texas Metal Season 6 Episode 8, we will witness Bill who thinks that he has done every possible customization there is in the book. Although, his perspective is completely changed when we witness a brand new 2022 Ford Lightning rolling in. The client wants it to become Ekstensive’s first custom air ride. They also want an all-electronic drive train in the same.

Later in the episode, we will witness that the team is still trying to be in touch with their roots when they tear down a Wrecker from 1952 only to build it up again. They did so with a supercharged LT4.

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