Is Gabriella Brooks Dating Liam Hemsworth? The Viral Couple

She was raised in Sydney, Australia. Landon, her brother, is an actor. She was dating Matthew Healy, a singer from The band 1975. Brooks began modeling when he was 14 years old. Gabriella is from Australia’s capital city, Sydney, and previously studied archaeology & ancient history at The University of Sydney. Next, Storm and Priscilla’s models now represent her.

She has previously appeared in ads for labels such as Solid and Striped, Topshop, and Calvin Klein. This girl right here is unstoppable. Brooks has over 179,000 followers on her Instagram handle as of December 2019. She usually shares images of her profession and travels. According to her Instagram handle, Gabriella is a model signed by Elite Model Management NYC and several other top Management.

She has modeled for Tiffany & Co., Calvin Klein, Harper’s Bazaar Australia, and Magazines worldwide. She is also known as one of the youngest models to be featured in luxury brand advertisements.

Liam And Brooks

After the release of “Flowers,” everyone’s attention has been drawn to Liam Hemsworth’s marriage to Miley Cyrus. The No. 1 hit single appears to refer to the couple’s make-ups and breakups over their 10-year romance, which ended in divorce in 2019. Everyone is on Team Cyrus because there is no reason not to be.

Credits: Getty Images Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth, and Gabriella Brooks

Rumors have it that their relationship involved too much drama because Liam cheated on Miley Cyrus with more than a dozen of girls in the house where Miley shot the music video for Flowers. Nevertheless, since their breakup, Liam has found a new love in Australian model Gabriella Brooks.

From Friends to Lovers: We Have Seen It Before

According to an E! News story from March 2020, Liam and Gabriella’s mutual connection to Australia improved their friendship. “The Australian connection is absolutely fantastic for both of them,” a source stated to the media at the time.

“Gabriella really likes to be in Australia, her hometown, just like her boyfriend, Liam, does. The two of them enjoy spending time together with relatives and friends, classic. He does not feel like he is being pulled away but rather feels connected,” as per the source Daily Mail, UK. Good for them.

 Liam Hemsworth and Gabriella Brooks

Credits: Pop Sugar

Hemsworth and Brooks ignited relationship rumors just months after the actor separated from Miley Cyrus, prompting him to return to his beachfront birthplace to lick his wounds. 

Liam was first associated with Gabriella in December 2019 following his brief relationship with actress Maddison Brown, according to the Daily Mail UK.

Non-Dramatic What?

At the time, Hemsworth was “excited” about dating Gabriella. “His family likes her really, and they’re in a regular, non-dramatic romance,” as stated by a source. Although breakup rumors have circulated, Liam and Gabriella have been together for over three years.

Gabriella Brooks; Liam Hemsworth

Gabriella Brooks and Liam Hemsworth on Red Carpet – Credits: Getty Images

The pair was spotted on a beach in Australia in January 2020. The two appeared to be in good spirits as they shared a kiss while playing in the water. Liam and Gabriella were photographed having lunch at The Ivy in West Hollywood a month later. Liam’s brother Chris Hemsworth uploaded a picture of his family at their older brother Luke’s 40th birthday celebration in November 2020. The entire family was dressed in Peaky Blinder’s outfits.

Red-Carpet Appearance

After attending several family occasions, the pair was sighted in a post published by Brook’s friend on her birthday in May 2021. Liam Hemsworth shared an image of himself, Gabriella, Chris Hemsworth, his wife Elsa Pataky, and other friends at the Gold Dinner 2021 charity event in June 2021.

They finally made their red carpet appearance together in November 2022. Hemsworth donned a Prada black suit and a shimmering gold dress, while the Australian model chose a shimmering gold dress and patent Prada heels. It’s not the couple’s first black tie event together.

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