SuperCoach AFL 2023: Al Paton’s top 20 cash cows, best rookies

Cash cows are the cornerstone of every successful KFC SuperCoach team. Who should you pick? Expert Al Paton delivers his final verdict.

The 2023 KFC SuperCoach season has presented players in Australia’s biggest fantasy game with a bumper crop of cash cows.

From bargain basement rookies to top draft picks, experienced players returning from injury and even overseas, we have options all over the field.

So, who should you pick for your starting team?

After a summer of gathering training intel then watching teams in two rounds of practice matches, Al Paton has settled on the players who will get games early, deliver points and, crucially, shoot up in value – funding the trades we need to grab all the players we want during the season.

Scroll down for his top 20 cash cows of 2023.

Originally published as KFC SuperCoach 2023: Al Paton’s top 20 cash cows

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