NEW TWIST: EPA Chief Warns Ohio Parents: “I Would Not” Let My Children Play in East Palestine Creeks or Streams – After He Was Seen Drinking the Tap Water

EPA chief Michael Regan warned Ohio parents to keep their children out of the local creeks and streams following the toxic chemical mushroom cloud explosion in early February.

Regan made it to East Palestine on Wednesday. He was asked if he would let his kids play in the streams.

Reporter: “Commissioner, let me ask you really quick, would you allow your children to touch the water? We’ve seen the rainbow sheen. All of these chemicals popping up from the bottom of these streams that these kids used to play in. Would you allow your kids anywhere close to these streams right now?”

EPA Chief Michael Regan: “I would not. I’m the father of a nine-year-old. I think we all have to agree that we wish this act didn’t occur. The ‘accident’ occurred. And as a result some of our creeks and our streams have pollution in them.”

Via Midnight Rider.

Regan labeled the toxic chemical explosion an “accident” in the clip. The toxic chemical mushroom cloud explosion was actually planned, discussed, and executed following the derailment. We are still not clear who all participated in that discussion. It was likely the EPA was in on that decision that resulted in poisoning the entire region.

In February Michael Regan and Ohio Governor drank the tap water in the town. That was a bold move!

But don’t let your kids play in the creek!

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