BMF Season 2 Episode 9: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Watch

Randy Huggins’ crime drama, BMF, will soon release an all-new episode revolving around the Flenory brothers from Detroit. With them raising their lives and careers by deciding to steal K9’s Connections, the coming episodes will be much more intense for the BMF.

First seen on television on September 26th, 2021, BMF is a tale centering around the Flenory family that became one of the most influential black families in the late 80s and early 90s. Although the series is a dramatization of the real-life events that went down with the Black Mafia Family, most of the plotlines are closely based on the real occurrences of the time. 

The show was announced to be in the making back in July 2019, with rumors of 50 Cent being the developer for it. These rumors materialized in 2020 when Starz announced a partnership with Lionsgate and other companies for the production of BMF.

After its first season, Starz renewed it for another installment a few days after the first one had ended. The current season of BMF has been airing since January 6th, 2023. It is confirmed that another season will be in production and can start airing by the end of this year or in the early months of 2024. 

BMF: The Cast of the Series

Most of the season 1 BMF cast will be returning for season 2 as well, with Russel Hornsby, Demetrius Flenory Jr., and Steve Harris being the main focus of the current season. Born in San Francisco, Russel Hornsby is best recognized as Edward Sutton in Lincoln Heights. He moved to NYC at a young age and started to act in Broadway plays in the city.

Russel appeared in his first-ever show, Haunted, as a side character. Other examples of Hornsby’s work include Grey’s Anatomy (Digby Owens), Shameless (Tony’s partner), The Good Wife (Dr. Shawn Wesley), and Suits (Quentin Sainz). In BMF, Ruseel stars in the role of Charles Flenory. 

Demetrius Flenory Jr. Plays Big Meech on BMF (Credits: Starz)

Demetius Flenory is portrayed by his own son, Demetrius Flenory Jr., who was cast by 50 Cent himself for the role. Born in Miami, Flenory Jr. has also been called Lil Meech. Ever since Flenory was a child, his father, Meech, has been in prison for reasons that we’ll be seeing in the series. He has received much appreciation for the way he portrays his father, which led to him being cast into Euphoria as a guest (Travis). 

Other cast members of BMF Season 2 are Da’Vinci as Terry Flenory, Michole Briana White portrays Lucille’s role, Eric Kofi-Adrefa plays the role of Lamar Silas while the cunning Detective Bryant played by Steve Harris. Myles Truitt portrays B-Mickie.

New members that will be regulars in this season are La La Anthony (Markaisha Taylor), Kelly Hu (Detective Veronica Jin), Rayan Lawrence (K-9), Christine Horn (Mabel Jones), and Jalen rose in the cameo role of Tariq.

What Happened in BMF Season 2 Episode 8?

In the previous episode, we see Meech catching his dad, Charles, talking to a stripper at a nightclub. Just before Meech could go up to him and say anything, he disappeared into thin air. Later, Charles goes back to his home and asks Terry if Meech said anything about him, to which Terry denies anything of that sort happening.

Charles breathes a sigh of relief, but Lucille will sooner or later find out what he does behind the scenes. Detective Bryant is his usual worst self, which causes Meech to make up a strong plan against him. He shows up to a funeral and demands they say where they stored the bricks.

BMF Season 2 Episode 9 Release Date

Meech sees Charles at the Strip club (Credits: Starz)

As for Meech, he’s busy trying to get a deal with the Columbians. Lawanda announces that she’s pregnant, which troubles Terry, who wants to build a relationship with Markaisha. Lamar’s situation seems to be getting worse as his dog isn’t well, and people are trying to mess with him, not knowing that he knows how to avenge himself well. 

BMF Season 2 Episode 9: Release Date

The next episode of the Starz drama titled “High Treason” will be aired on March 10th, 2023. New episodes of BMF are released on Fridays, with each episode having a run-time of 52-55 minutes.

BMF Season 2 Episode 9: Where To Watch?

New episodes are aired on Starz at around 8:00 pm ET & 7:00 pm CT. On-demand viewing of BMF is possible through streaming platforms like Lionsgate+ and Starz’s website. A Lionsgate membership can cost anywhere around $5.99 per month, while a Starz membership costs $4.99 for a month. Timings of the release of BMF in other countries will be:

  • United Kingdom: 1:00 am, Saturdays
  • Canada: 8:00 pm, Fridays
  • Australia: 12:00 pm, Saturdays
  • India: 6:30 am, Saturdays
  • Philippines: 9:00 am, Saturdays
  • Singapore: 9:00 am, Saturdays

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