Benim Adim Farah Episode 2: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

The release date of the new Turkish drama, Benim Adim Farah episode 2 is here!

Benim Adim Farah premiered its first episode on March 1, 2023. Since its debut, it has captivated the audience through its intense and gripping plot. Although the episodes are around 2.5 hours long, with so many things going on at the same time, does not let the audience realize the length of the episode.

For those who missed the first episode, or are new to the series, here, we will provide you with a detailed recap of the previous episode, for you to catch up on before the release of the upcoming episode.

Benim Adim Farah episode 1 opens with Farah and a few other women, who are illegally residing in Istanbul, being taken to a hotel, where they all work at. On reaching the hotel, as the women enter through the kitchen, they are followed by two men, Emir Kaan Akinci and Ali Galip Akynci, who seem to be fighting with each other.

As Emir threatens Ali, they are interrupted by Tahir. Emir seems to have some dispute with Tahir. Ali is recognized to be one of Tahir’s men. Tahir sees the women standing by the kitchen counter, and asks Ali to leave, as he continues to deal with Emir. Tahir and Emir argue about the ownership of the hotel when Tahir asks him to talk to his father when he returns, and to stop the fight. Tahir seems to be working under Emir’s father but has full authority over Emir.

Benim Adim Farah

Benim Adim Farah Episode 1 Recap

Next, the women enjoy their cleaning the hotel while listening to music. After work, Farah goes back home. At home, Gonul, Farah’s son, Kerim’s caretaker, opens the door for her and updates her about his health.

After cleaning herself from top to bottom, Farah enters her son’s room. Her son’s room has plastic covered all around the room to ensure a clean environment and clean air. He is seen to be looking outside the window and feels sad. Farah tries to make Kerim feel better by having a good conversation with him.

On the other side, Gonul runs across Ali Galip Akynci (also known as Alps) on the road and gets excited to see him. They seem to meet after years. Gonul asks him to go to Ankara with her but he refuses and excuses himself by promising to get there next time.

Tahir and Erim

Benim Adim Farah Episode 1

At night, Farah goes to another hotel to clean. While she is cleaning the washroom, she gets a call from Gonul, that Kerim wants to talk to her. As they speak, Alps enter the hotel followed by Erim, who has tricked Alps to come there. Erim threatens to kill Alps if he does not call Tahir and say that he does not want to run the hotel and to hand over the hotel to Erim. Both of them get into an argument and start fighting. In the meantime, Farah comes towards the area where the two men are fighting. As she peeks through the door to see them, Erim, by mistake, shoots Alps and Alps dies, which leaves Farah in shock.

At that moment, Tahir comes there with his men. Tahir asks whether they are alone there, and Erim replies positively. Erim explains that he fired the gun by mistake. Tahir asks him to respect the dead and read the prayer. At that moment, Farah’s phone chimes, and Tahir hears it. One of his men, Haider, goes and brings out Farah in front of Tahir.

Farah caught for witnessing the crime

Benim Adim Farah Episode 1

Farah introduces herself as the cleaning lady and tells them that she did not see anything. Erim and Haider suggest that they should kill her as she is the only witness to the crime. To save herself, Farah confesses that she is an illegal migrant and she cannot go to the police. When she sees that Tahir is about to shoot her, she offers to clean the whole crime scene. When Tahir gets convinced by listening to her cleaning remedy, he asks her to clean and asks Haider to take Erim away.

After Haider and Erim leave, Tahir takes Farah’s phone and asks his men to take away the body. Then, Farah starts cleaning. As she cleans, she finds a note and keeps it with her. After cleaning, Tahir asks her to sit in his car. In the car, Farah begs him to leave her. When Tahir asks her about her address, Farah jumps out of the moving car and escapes. Tahir loses her trace. Farah returns home safely.

The next morning, Alps’ is seen to be discovered by his colleague, Mehmet. Mehmet reveals to his subordinate that Alps were working under him on a secret mission, and he died because of him.

Kerim and Farah

Benim Adim Farah Episode 1

On the other side, Farah panics when she hears a constant knock on her door. On approaching the door, she finds out that it is Gonul. She reminds her of going to the hospital for Kerim’s checkup.

On the other side, Mehmet discusses with his team about the murder and tells that the murder did not take place in the jungle. The homicide department asks him to stay off the case as he is the Chief Commissioner, and the case is now under the homicide team. Mehmet argues with the officer and reveals that Alp’s original name was Alperen Hemshin. He argues with the officer and leaves. While leaving, he orders his subordinate separately, to find Tahir.

At the hospital, after the checkup, the doctor informs Farah and Gonul that he has found a donor from abroad but Farah needs to solve her legal issue first to register. She assures him that she will solve everything and asks him to start the procedures.

As Farah and Kerim are about to leave the hospital, Farah sees Haider coming in, and she tries to escape Haider sees them, but could not catch them as they leave via taxi.


Benim Adim Farah Episode 1

After Farah and Kerim reach home, Farah finds a gun and her phone on top of the washing machine and is shocked. At that moment, she hears Kerim shout from his room. She arrives in his room to find Tahir sitting there. Farah suggests talking separately.

In another room, Farah threatens to not touch her son. Tahir asks her why she ran away last time, to which Farah says that she got scared. She begs him to do whatever he wants with her but spare her son. Tahir says that she has brought danger to her son. To this, when she gets a chance, she grabs a gun and points it at Tahir, but later finds out that the gun is empty. When Tahir gets to know about Kerim’s illness, Tahir further threatens her to keep her mouth shut about the crime or else he won’t be merciful next time. He offers his handkerchief to Farah and asks her to wipe her tears and leaves.

Next, we see Tahir being chased by Mehmet. After a while, both stop their cars. Mehmet approaches Tahir and asks him whether he killed Alps. Tahirs denies it and says to blame him if there is any proof. Mehmet take Tahir along with him.

Farah and Tahir

Benim Adim Farah Episode 1

At the police station, Tahir tells Mehmet that he took care of Alps when he couldn’t and he asks him to blame himself. This angers Mehmet, meanwhile, Tahir leaves.

Later, we see, Farah arriving at the police station and asking for Mehmet. Meanwhile, Mehmet gets an earful from his boss for taking things into his own hands. On the other hand, as Tahir leaves the police station, he sees Farah sitting at the police station, and gets shocked.

Farah immediately runs out of the police station. Meanwhile, Tahir calls and orders Haider to kidnap both Farah and Kerim.

Next, we see Farah and Kerim at a bus stop, as they attempt to leave Istanbul for Edirne. As they are entering the bus, Haider reaches there with his men. But fails to find Farah. Meanwhile, Farah and Kerim are seen to be followed by another man on the bus.

On the other side, Mehmet reaches the hotel where the crime took place, after acquiring Alp’s phone location. He asks his subordinate to check all the security cameras nearby and get hold of evidence.

Farah and Kerim

Benim Adim Farah Episode 1

At the bus, Farah’s money and locket getting stolen by the man they were being followed. She gets hold of the man, but however, he escapes by hurting Farah. Later, at the hospital, when Farah gains consciousness, Kerim reveals that he had kept the necklace with himself, which makes Farah happy.

Meanwhile, Mehmat gets to know about Farah being an accomplice of Tahir while checking security camera footage.

At the hospital, while Farah is about to leave, she sees a man, who has been shot and is suffering from internal bleeding. She goes forward to the doctors and tries to help them by telling them to transfer the man to a hospital in Istanbul.

The episode ends with Farah finding out that the man is actually Erim’s father when Erim and Tahir come to pick up his father in a helicopter. Erim’s father asks Tahir to bring Farah with them. Tahir is shocked to see Farah standing there.

Benim Adim Farah Episode 2 Release Date

Benim Adim Farah Episode 2 will be released on March 8, 2023, at 8:00 pm in Turkey. For international audience, the time schedule for the episode is given below:

  • Indian Standard Time: 10:30 pm
  • British Standard Time: 6:00 pm
  • Australian Standard Time: 4:00 am (Next day)
  • Dhaka Standard Time: 11:00 pm
  • Pakistan Standard Time: 10:00 pm.

Benim Adim Farah Episode 2 Streaming Guide

Benim Adim Farah episode 2 will air on the Turkish television channel, FOX TV Turkey. The episode will also be available on the official YouTube channel, Adim Farah. There are no updates on subtitles yet.

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