The New Vermeer Episode 4: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

The New Vermeer Episode 4’s release date is here. The show’s fans await the newest challenge in the upcoming episode. We have brought you the newest details, such as The New Veronica Episode 4’s release date and shocking details.

Here, the contestants must recreate a painting from scratch using only a description written centuries ago. Also, make it appear to be a Vermeer. That marks the beginning of a Dutch reality television competition in which two specialist painters and many amateur artists vie to recreate the master’s lost works from the 17th century.

Vermeer specialists from the Mauritshuis, a museum of old masters in The Hague, and the Rijksmuseum, the Dutch museum in Amsterdam, evaluate the results. The exhibition “The New Vermeer” (“De Nieuwe Vermeer”), which opened on February 12, was planned to run concurrently with the Rijksmuseum’s massive Vermeer exhibition, which will feature the largest collection of his works ever on display.

But the hour-long television program is partly intended for those who feel unsafe entering a museum. The huge Vermeer exhibition at the Rijksmuseum, which will include the largest collection of his works ever on display, was scheduled to run concurrently with the exhibition “The New Vermeer.” Nonetheless, the one-hour television special caters to viewers who might feel uncomfortable visiting a museum.

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What is the format of the show?

The idea behind “The New Vermeer” is that modern artists will revive those pieces. Two types of artists compete. Each episode’s two expert painters compete against one another to produce a painting that resembles something Vermeer would have created.

A still from the show.

They had four months to complete the assignment with the help of curators and art experts who gave them pointers and hints on Vermeer’s painting methods, supplies, and accessories. Four amateur artists compete in what they refer to as the “free category” in each episode by creating contemporary interpretations of the missing work.

Artists are free to work in any style they like, and the final images are evaluated based on how effectively they capture the essence of Vermeer’s art. Each episode chooses two winning works of art, one from each category. The assessors are Abbie Vandivere, a picture restorer at the Mauritshuis, who has labored to study the most well-known piece in that museum, “Girl with such a Pearl Earring,” and Roelofs First from the Rijksmuseum.

The Museum Prinsenhof, located in a former church in Delft, the birthplace of Vermeer, will host the six winning enthusiast art pieces from each episode. The expert artists’ winning works of art will be displayed at the Mauritshuis.

What should I expect from the show?

Only because they were mentioned in stocks or auction documents from about the time of the creator’s passing in 1675 do we know approximately five of the missing Vermeer pieces. Vermeer painted two well-known cityscape views, “View of Delft” and “The Small Street,” which are particularly visible in Amsterdam.

The New Vermeer trailer

A still from the show.

A third, though, is noted in a 17th-century sale catalog titled “A view of various houses in Delft.” The participants attempt to reproduce this piece in Episode 2, which they dubbed “The Second Small Street.” The Concert, a famous Vermeer painting, was displayed in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Collection in Boston till 1990 when it was taken in one of the worst unsolved art thefts in history.

It was never found again. In Episode 4, the creators will attempt to replicate that piece using images. Applauding the amateurs from all over the Netherlands and utilizing an array of techniques using stained glass, printing, and even Lego is a wonderful part of the exhibition.

One artist used tiny driftwood pieces to reproduce the Vermeer street scene, while another created a three-dimensional collage from trinkets and kid’s toys.

When is The New Vermeer Episode 4’s release date?

The New Vermeer Episode 4’s release date is March 5, 2023. The New Vermeer Episode 4 will air on NPO3 at 9 p.m. EST in the Netherlands.

The New Vermeer Episode 4:How to Watch

The New Vermeer Episode 4 will stream via MAX Vandaag for international fans and watchers a day later. The fans can easily access the website to watch the show. The show, however, does not have English subtitles for now, but you can keep a tab open to learn about it as soon as there is information about it.

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