Grand Crew Season 2 Episode 2: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Watch

The all-black comedy series Grand Crew has just premiered and will be releasing a new episode soon. Written by the creators of the iconic series Brooklyn Nine-Nine, this show revolves around a group of best friends in LA who are all very different yet find comfort in being in each other’s lives and meeting up every day after their work to talk about their days.

It was first seen on television on December 14th, 2021. Grand Crew was announced to be in the making in January 2020, with NBC taking up the production for it. Mo Marable serves as the director of the series. Seeing the pilot have a good response from critics, NBC decided to launch the comedy as a series. Production for a new season began right after April 2022 and has been airing since March 3rd, 2023. 

The Cast of the show was announced in March 2020, with Justin Cunningham, Echo Kellum, Carl Tart, and Nicole Byer being set as the main cast members. The series ended up becoming a hit with its target audience, with critics claiming Grand Crew had just the right amount of comedy accompanied by great acting from Nicole Byer. Each episode of the series is named in the order of “Wine &” whatever thing the group of friends will be talking about in their next meeting. 

The cast members that’ll be returning for a second season of the NBC show include Echo Kellum in the role of Noah Koles and Nicole Byer as Nicky Koles, his sister. Justin Cunningham will be portraying the role of Wyatt Fields, a married man who is content with his life. Anthony’s role will be played by Aaron Jennings.

Sherm Jones, his roommate, will be played by Carl Tart. Grasie Mercedes plays the role of Fay. Since the show is somewhat based on the real-life friend group of the producers, the show is slow-paced yet wholesome. The new season will be much more interesting as new relationships and drama are ready to begin in Grand Crew’s much-loved friend circle. 

The Crew (Credits: NBC)

Grand Crew Season 2 Episode 1: Recap

In the previous episodes of the series, we see Noah and Simone falling in love and being in a relationship. Nicky does her best to test Simone and find out if she[‘d be a good match for Noah.

Seeing her true nature, Nicky starts liking Simone as well. At the end of the previous season, we see Noah and Simone separating due to visa issues on Simone’s side, causing the couple to be in different countries despite being in love with each other.

At the start of the second season, we see Simone and Noah trying to make the long-distance relationship work and keep the spark between them alive. Things between Anthony and Fay are yet to be clarified, as they seem to have feelings for each other but choose to remain friends. It’s especially hard for Anthony as all his feelings are always clearly written on his face. 

The secret text that Nicky receives from her boyfriend leaves most of the viewers curious, and with the first episode, we get to know a lot more about the secret couple. Tensions start to arise between them, causing Nicky to confide in one of her friends when they meet up to have a wine like always. 

Grand Crew Season 2 Episode 2: Release Date

The next episode of the NBC Comedy will be aired on March 10th, 2023. Unlike the first season, new episodes of Grand Crew season 2 are released on Fridays, with each episode lasting around 22-25 minutes.

Grand Crew

Season 2 will be filled with new Relationships and friendships (Credits: NBC)

Grand Crew Season 2 Episode 2: Spoilers

In the upcoming episode titled Wine & Labels, Noah and Simone will try to find a balance between their new lives and will put effort into making things normal. With the way everyone can easily guess his true thoughts, Anthony gets to know that he has always been terrible at hiding things or maintaining a poker face. As for Sherm, he’s all set to begin a new adventure in his life.

Grand Crew Season 2 Episode 2: Where To Watch?

New episodes of the sitcom will release at 8:30 pm ET & 7:30 pm CT on NBC for viewers from the United States. On-demand episodes of Grand Crew will be available to watch on NBC’s website. Peacock TV hosts the previous episodes of the comedy series, and new episodes of Grand Crew will air a day later on the platform. Timings of release in other countries are:

  • United Kingdom: 1:30 am, Saturdays
  • Canada: 8:30 pm, Fridays
  • Australia: 12:30 pm, Saturdays
  • India: 7:00 am, Saturdays
  • Philippines: 9:30 am, Saturdays
  • Japan: 10:30 am, Saturdays

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