Glass Onion Ending Explained: The Revenge Is Taken

A billionaire invites his friends to a remote island for a party and some fun. But the fun’s cut short when he reveals that he will be murdered soon. Soon, lights go off, and a double murder occurs. And what follows is an interesting drama full of suspense and situational comedy.

We are talking about veteran director Riam Johnson’s latest movie, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. The movie was released at the box office on September 10, 2022. It is a sequel to the Knives Out movie.

It made its debut on OTT in December last year. The movie quickly became one of the most-watched movies on Netflix for December 2022. Honestly, Glass Onion isn’t an extremely complicated murder mystery or contains much gore or violence. 

The actual truth is always plain to see. But the audience and our leads need to peel back the truth layer by layer. The title Glass Onion refers to the glass dome in the billionaire’s Greek mansion. But it actually gives a subtle hint of the truth hidden under the layers that need to be unraveled.

Miles invites his friends to a luxury mansion on an island

Glass Onion Ending Explained

Mils is a billionaire and quite an influential person. He invites a few of his friends to a private party at his mansion, located on a secret island. His friends are heavily dependent on him due to multiple reasons—funding political campaigns, funding businesses, etc.

The party is joined by two strange guests: Andi and detective Benoit Blanc. Andi isn’t a stranger to Mils. She is his former business partner, who quit due to a tiff between them. Blanc says that he is there for a special purpose. The party commences.

Glass Onion movie plotline

The movie is full of twists.

At the dinner table, Mils makes a shocking revelation. He says that he will be murdered soon. Everyone is shocked to hear that. Discussions and drama follow this revelation. Mils had planned to cut off lights to create more drama.

But when the light’s back, Luke’s lying dead, and Andi is wounded due to a bullet shot. Blanc steps in and deduces that Luke died due to poisoned glass. Miles panics and tells everyone that the poison was meant for him, but the glasses got exchanged accidentally.

Andi Isn’t Andi

The layers of lies and deception begin to blow away. Andi reveals to Blanc that she is actually Helen, Andi’s twin sister. Her sister died a week ago due to an alleged suicide. But she is not convinced and feels that Mils has a role to play in her sister’s death.

When Blanc learns this, he tells Helen to remain isolated so that everyone believes that she is dead due to the bullet shot. Blanc then goes inside and unravels the mystery of Duke’s murder.

Andi in Glass Onion

Helena wants to avenge her sister’s death.

Duke revealed at the beginning of the movie that he had a pineapple allergy. So Miles was the one who deliberately exchanged the pineapple-laden glass and let Duke die due to an allergic reaction. Duke knew that Miles murdered Andi, so he was struck off the path. 

Blanc further accuses Miles of killing Andi. Basically, Miles and Andi were business partners. Miles wanted to work on the sinister idea of creating a hydrogen-powered energy source.

But Andi didn’t agree and left the company. Miles influenced witnesses to testify that Andi didn’t have any stake in the company. But Miles knew that Andi wouldn’t sit silently. So he eliminated her by drugging and faking her suicide.

The Tissue In The Red Envelope

Tissue has a pertinent role to play in this movie. Andi was the one who conceptualized the business and drew it on a napkin. Miles then stole it. The people present refuse to say anything against Miles, as their fortune heavily depends on him.

Helen appears inside and shows the napkin to Miles, which would seal his fate. Mike manages to get a hold of it and burns the napkin. Blanc tells Helen that all is lost now. But before leaving, he hands her the hydrogen-powered source for the Klear-Miles dream project. An enraged Helen smashes all the glass structures of the mansion.

Mona lisa pianting in Glass Onion

Mona Lisa is engulfed in flames.

She unleashes the fury of Klear in the mansion. The most satisfying scene is when Helen burns the prestigious Mona Lisa painting, which is extremely dear to Miles. It was the original Mona Lisa that Miles borrowed from the Louvre Museum. All friends of Miles agree to speak the truth in court.

The final scene sees Helen and Blanc sitting by the sea and waiting for the Greek police. Helen was able to exact her revenge and teach Miles a harsh lesson.

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