Cranberry Sorbet Episode 18: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Cranberry Sorbet Episode 18’s release date is finally out. The show’s fans have been waiting for our post to come out, as it provides them with all the needed details about the show, such as Episode 18’s release date and streaming guide.

When Kvlcm finds out Mer’s major secret, he is shocked and feels bad for her, but he still maintains that Mer cannot date a married person, even in writing. The Ünal family is shocked and saddened by the news that Nilay and Mustafa will stay at the Kvlcms’ home.

Abdullah intervened when Pembe’s attempts to fix this situation went unsuccessful. Doa and Fatih continue to be at odds with one another. Fatih cannot persuade his wife to go back home, but when Doa is required to work with her colleagues at the firm due to a fait accompli, the pair will get along, and the chilly winds will eventually decrease.

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A quick recap

The romance between Nursema and Umut is going well. Because Nursema needs to care for Umut when he is sick, their relationship will grow even closer. After being abandoned by Kayhan, Ecem visits Pembe to exact retribution and reveal her true identity.

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Pembe will then seek an explanation from Kvlcm and Doa, whom she suspects are complicit in this game. All the balances will be reset by Leman’s conviction that Alev and Mer have a romantic relationship as a result of a miscommunication, which she then communicates with Pembe and Abdullah.

The already delicate relationship between Nursema and Umut is prone to become much more confusing and strained due to Umut’s mom’s response to meeting Nursema. Fatih is seen working hard to get Doa inside his house again. He will also discuss this with Kvlcm, who will make it obvious that he won’t participate in the event.

The long-pending divorce case that has now been resolved is like a miracle to Mer, even though Metehan’s mother’s significant nervous collapse and hospitalization were terrible for her. Kvlcm is going to be the first to explain this wonderful development.

Nilay has succeeded in her goal of demonstrating Nursema and Umut’s togetherness. Abdullah, Pembe, and Kvlcm will end the night with a much larger surprise as they gather to discuss the fate of their children. Mer and Kvlcm exit the house together after the bomb goes off.

Everyone is quite surprised. Only Alev will be able to comprehend them. Sonmez, on the other hand, will confront Fatma and accuse her of promoting Kvlcm’s union out of rage. However, Nature will have the strongest reaction, and when she returns to her husband’s home, she will scold her mother.

Cranberry Sorbet cast

A still from the show.

Doa’s return is met with excitement, especially from Pembe. When Abdullah and Mer discuss the situation with his uncle Fatih later on, he will be quite anxious. Imen and Metehan provide Omer and Kvlcm with assistance in a way they never anticipated. Both of them consider their parents’ happiness.

The conflict that Nursema and Umut’s marriage will cause at home is Nilay’s dilemma, which she investigates and discovers. On the other hand, Pink agrees with Abdullah that she should resolve this issue immediately. Abdullah will act swiftly and effectively to fix the situation.

What is to be expected from episode 17 of the show?

Umut is furious over the Imam’s marriage to Nursema, which was forced upon him by her family. Even though Alev is supposed to soothe him, he is upset, especially considering that Abdullah approved of this work.

Even though serious issues plague Abdullah Ünal’s home, happy news will make everyone happy. Nilay has realized her long-awaited dream—she is pregnant. The marriage was unwillingly performed at Nursema, and Fatih’s normalizing of it led to a new level of conflict between Nature and Fatih.

The only one in the home that speaks up and supports Nurse Mae on this matter is Nature. Nature won’t be content with this and will act to annul the marriage of the imam. When Kayhan finds out Mer and Kvlcm are dating, Mer immediately eliminates her.

Alev, who assisted Doa in getting Nursema’s cleric marriage annulled, will assume a new dimension when she unannouncedly speaks with Abdullah about it.

What is Cranberry Sorbet Episode 18’s release date?

The air date for Cranberry Sorbet Episode 18 is Friday, March 10, 2023. Around 8 o’clock in Turkey, Cranberry Sorbet Episode 18 will make its television debut via SHOW TV.

Cranberry Sorbet Episode 18: Where to Watch

Episode 18 of Cranberry Sorbet will initially air exclusively in Turkey. Foreign viewers must watch the show on YouTube one day later, but there is no guarantee that there will be subtitles available in every language.

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