Deadspin predicts the Super Bowl 57 MVP


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This is the year of Mahomes. After all of the criticism that he took last season, he was ready to come back like Michael Jordan in 1995 after the Space Jam movie shoot. The public was disappointed in his 4,839 yards and 38 touchdowns on 7.4 yards per attempt. Defenses had supposedly figured out Mahomes’ weakness, two safeties deep in coverage. That defense didn’t work this season. He passed for 5,250 yards and 41 touchdowns on 8.1 yards per attempt. He also won two playoff games on one leg. The regular-season, a Lombardi Trophy, and the Super Bowl MVP, all of the things go to Mahomes this time. This is the season where considering any of his peers in the same class of player as he becomes a foolish thing to say.

Stephen’s choice: Patrick Mahomes

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